Cent-Roll Products uses 3 distinct ways that we process urethane. Each method has certain advantages that allow us to customize manufacturing to meet the customer’s requirements. Whether the requirement is high dimensional control, aerospace quality, high volume or cost efficiency, we will develop the best way to make a urethane molded part.

  • Compression molding – this method is utilized when part dimensions and repeatability are critical. The mold is generally 2-3 flat plates machined with a cavity that is the inverse shape of the desired part scaled to account for shrinkage, and is filled with pre-mixed urethane formulation (resin-curative-additive-pigment) and squeezed in a heated platen hydraulic press. Our inventory of hydraulic presses offer flexibility in handling a wide range of part size and quantity.
  • Open Casting – this is the most common method for casting urethane rollers and large parts with shapes that will not compression mold easily. We have walk-in ovens and hot tables to assist with this molding method.
  • Spin Casting – due to the complexity of the molds used for spin casting, this method is best suited for parts with high quantities. Using centrifugal force to expel bubbles, this method produces void-free urethane parts with high repeatability.